Apply to Lead the CITY NAME Chapter

The Akron Chapter Leader is a volunteer position that will be responsible for managing and leading the operations and activities of the local chapter. It is the highest position a person can hold in a local chapter. The Akron Chapter Leader role requires at least 20 hours a month and a 18 month commitment to the role.

The form below is the first stage of a rigorous three-stage Chapter Leader application process where we are deciding on potential Chapter locations based on finding the right person to lead the chapter. Those who are considering applying should understand that being an Chapter Leader is a commitment that will be challenging. By the very nature of our movement, and as an official and public representative of because I said I would , Chapter Leaders will be held to high ethical standards that are beyond the typical expectations seen in society. Many people join nonprofit boards, other teams and organizations for casual involvement or to add something to their resume. Because I said I would is not that type of organization. We are not looking for those type of people. Chapter Leader responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing and leading mandatory monthly meetings with all members
  • Managing thought-provoking and impactful charitable projects that involve both large and small teams
  • Evaluating potential members and increasing chapter membership
  • Executing fundraising campaigns to help support local charitable promises and operations
  • Speaking as a public representative for because I said I would to community organizations, the media, etc


Through the Chapter Program, we aim to change the course of human history by ending suffering, establishing peace and building happiness one person and community at a time.  Our mission is to better humanity through promises made and kept. This will not be an easy task. After reading through the descriptions and questions below, if you feel hesitant about your interest or commitment to the position, this may be a sign that the role is not right for you.



To apply to be an Chapter Leader, please fill out the form below. Important Note: We encourage you to start a document with your answers that is separate from this online application so that you can save them and work on them over time, if needed. This application is essay-based, avoid the frustration of losing your written progress to a refreshed page by saving offline often. All fields are required.

Our strongest supporters tend to have a strong reason why they care about the because I said I would cause. Why is the importance of a promise important to you? Please share any life events or experiences that have made you feel strongly about the importance of a promise and what it could mean to humanity.
Our supporters are the movement and they come from a wide range of backgrounds. While they have similar interests in the importance of a promise, their demographics are not. Managing a diverse group of people with a diverse set of opinions can be both difficult and rewarding. Please share your thoughts on diversity of age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation and the impact of acceptance and inclusion on society. What is your perspective on diversity?
Albert Einstein once said, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.” We are looking for Chapter Leaders who can lead others through their past commitments and experiences in bettering humanity. Please share at least two examples of how you have shown commitment to the betterment of humanity through promises and kept. What promises have you made and kept to improve yourself, your family, your community or cause? What did those experiences teach you?
The Chapter Leader will run a humanitarian nonprofit organization. What type of experience do you have working in or volunteering with nonprofits? What type of experience do you have in fundraising efforts?
The Chapter Leader will be a manager. What experience do you have as a leader in managing people in the context of a team or project? Do you have any formal training in managing groups? What type of experience do you have managing diverse groups of people from different backgrounds? How do you envision those experiences and skills applying to the role of an Chapter Leader?
The Chapter Leader will be a public figure/speaker. The position will require you to represent the organization publicly. How would you describe your public speaking skills? What experiences do you have in public speaking? What experience do you have engaging with or speaking to the media?
The Chapter Leader will be held accountable for his/her actions. Are you good at keeping promises? What evidence do you have that this is true? How do you keep your promises? What do you do differently than most people that helps you keep promises?
The Chapter Leader will be passionate about bettering humanity. We are looking for people who have a strong belief in the importance of a promise. This belief usually stems from or is connected to a humanitarian issue that is also important to the individual. What humanitarian issue are you passionate about? Why are you passionate about that cause?
The Chapter Leader will be reliable. Sustainability is the key to impact. We want our chapters to be stable and reliable organizations. Will you commit to being an Chapter Leader for at least 18 months? Are you able to work at least 20 hours a month in this volunteer role? If you say you can be this committed, how can we be sure of your commitment – what other activities/causes/commitments could cause your priorities to change?
Please share three character references who would be willing to speak to their experiences with you as an individual and a leader
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Relation to this individual
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The Chapter Leader will not be expected to be perfect. No one in life is perfect. Everyone breaks promises, even the best of us. Please describe to us an important promise or commitment you have broken in your lifetime. What happened and why? Please share any meaningful reflections you might have on that experience or time in your life.
How did you find out about because I said I would? What is one of your favorite promise stories that we have shared? Why is that promise one of your favorites?
Again, we would like to thank you for your interest in because I said I would and the Chapter chapter program. What have we failed to ask that you feel compelled to share with us?